Investigating Cultural Sustainability

I have become part of the ISCH Action IS1007: Investigating Cultural Sustainability and I must say that I am really excited about joining this research network and – effort. It gives me an opportunity to operationalise my research on nature – and science communication – and much more. Here a description of the project:

Investigating Cultural Sustainability

The Action will focus on the role of culture as a fundamental issue, even a precondition to be met on the path towards Sustainable Development (SD). In order to better define understanding of culture within the general frames of sustainability, the Action will conceptualise and mobilize the cultural dimension of sustainable development, examine and compare best policy practices and investigate frameworks and indicators for cultural sustainability assessments.
The ultimate goal of this COST Action is to increase understanding of and determine the role of culture in Sustainable Development (SD) based on multidisciplinary principles. The work will be carried out 1) by investigating and operationalising the concept of culture in the context of SD through multidisciplinary approaches and analyses; 2) by examining the best practices for bringing culture into policy and practical domains, and 3) by developing means and indicators for assessing the impacts of culture on SD. The results of the Actions will be exploited by the scientific community, policy makers, administrative personnel and practitioners working with sustainability and culture from the EU to the local level.” (

Update: Also take a look at the project website:

Information about the project in 2017.

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