The inaccurate (1997)

What “is” is inaccurate.

The total series consists of 14 photographies all staged and in colour. Some has character of stilllife, some are scenarios with person. There are religious aesthetics mixed up with remedies that point to technology and medical science.

I’m interested in the idea that the world is constantly on the move; that we can be said to actually exist between conditions. Constantly all those in betweens that never seem to settle into any clear permanente condition.

The japanese word “sunyata” describes this; the space in between or emptiness. Because if the thing is not in itself, but in constant transformation from something to something else, I guess you`ll have emptiness.

When it comes to emptiness there will be something I dont understand. So I follow the the sound in silence or the standstill in the movement. I accept calming down with experiencing. Im engaged with the magic in the transformation and meeting this as I can. Sense it put in and out of operation.

These pictures can be seen as riddles. I dont really know if there are many questions or any answers. It can be described as something paradoxical, something with two exits where you can never only use one of them.

Some of the pictures are about creating balance. Balance is something that is “between”.

Nina Svane-Mikkelsen 1997

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