The Ear and The Scream Measurer, Experimentarium, Copenhagen.

The Experimentarium in Copenhagen is in many ways outstanding. I really enjoy visiting the place, bringing along children and see them play. This photo shows two installations in the main exhibition, in the subarea You and me (In Danish: Dig og mig). Read about the Ear-installation at the web site of the science centre. The Scream installation is fun – Scream ALL you can into the mouth of the lion (roar like a lion) and the volume of your scream/roar will be measured on the palm tree (shown with red lamps lighning up the scale on the trunk). Of course the children love this. The special attraction of this installation is, I think, the encouragement that is given to actually scream all you can. I had to try some times before I managed to do it. The space ‘inside’ the lion swallow up a the sound so that it doesn’t disturb other visitiors at the place. So you get a semi-private and very bodily experience of your  screaming capacity.

In Danish:

Installationstekst (skilt):


Hvor højt kan du brøle?

Stik hovedet ind i løvens gab og skrig.

Se på palmen hvor højt du skreg. (…)”



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