Development of learning games – the example of Mara

A learning game with the title Mara is developed by a multidisciplinary working group in collaborating with Bergen Museum  and the international deep sea research prosject Mar-Eco.

The motivation behind developing the game

The goal is to develop a game (and an installation) that communicates knowledge about the life at the deep sea. The development of a learning game concept is part of my ongoing exploration of games with pedagogical aims. I am interested in how games can be exploited in pedagogical contexts and still maintain the qualities that can be said to make them good games.

The research project Mar-Eco have a vast collection of data to the inspiration of the game plot. As one of the maritime researchers put it: ”Our data collection have ranged from oceanographic and acoustics, to various studies on organisms that range in size from microscopic plankton to large whales. Dephts ranged from the surface to 3000 meters and extended from the cold-water environment south of Iceland to the tropic environment north of the Azores.” (mar-eco cruise journal 1. july,

The development of phase 1 and 2 of the project is supported by Bergen Museum and Meltzerfondet.

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