About stedsans.net

Stedsans.net (a sense of place.net) is part of the research project Affinity and Battlefield at infomedia, University of Bergen, Norway (More information see: Nina @Infomedia). Stedsans.net will function as an information channel that also invites to a dialogue about the project while its under development. The web pages will in the next period of time find its form through a phase of trying out different solutions. Some things are settled: At stedsans.net one will find a lot of image material with text comments. The resources will explore these questions:
  1. What is a museum today/ in a historical perspective?
  2. How can digital media contribute to enhancing museum communication and outreach towards the public audience?
  3. How can artists and artistic work methods/processes contribute to  museum and science communication?

NSM, 13th of march 2006, updated 6/6-06


About the main project of stedsans.net

Affinity and Battlefield is the central project of stedsans.net untill 2009. Affinity and Battlefield is the Ph.D. project of Nina Svane-Mikkelsen but it involves other participants and consists of 3 sub-projects where stedsans.net is also part. Brief information on the part of the Ph.D.-project that is connected to the maritime research project Mar-Eco can be found here:

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