Det er på tide at begynde at vise roughy-mara webstedet frem, selvom vi stadig arbejder med den sidste finpuds af siderne:

Websiten har været online siden mandag 4. oktober i en light-version.

Whale safari. MARA concept art by Håkon Lystad
MARA concept art. Illustration af Håkon Lystad. © Håkon Lystad og MARA.

On serious gaming

“Our games straddle academic fields, including History (Revolution) and Current Events (iCue), Math and Literacy Skills (Labyrinth), Science (Palmagotchi), even Waste Management (Backflow). What links these various projects together has been a design philosophy that focuses less on serious games and more on serious gaming. We see games not so much as vehicles for delivering curricular content as we do spaces for exploration, experimentation, and problem solving.”

Henry Jenkins in the blogpost “From Serious Games to Serious Gaming (Part One): Revolution”

New gaming school for children in Copenhagen

An interesting project is starting up in Copenhagen, opening at the end of this month: A gaming school for children and youth! Now children can attend gaming in their spare time in the same way as football, horseback riding and other sports. More information (in danish) at

(update March 2018: link broken)