HIV geography (2002)

ENGLISH (text in danish further down this page):
Specifications: Video installation. video 6 minuts long, looped. Projection in window, outdoor.

Hiv geography was shown with Trust Your Local Artist at Artgenda 2002 Hamburg (TA Artgenda).

A video installation that put focus on the HIV/Aids pandemic in the south of Africa. Many children are victims of the pandemic directly in the form of getting infected and indirectly through loss of parental care. Video projection in container window. The video content is sensual images of bathing children in slowmotion and fragments of a womans voice telling her story about becoming and being hiv positive – creating an uncanny atmosphere. The video was projected through a work-container window.

About Trust Your Local Artist:

“The Hein-Koellisch-Platz, formerly a lively market place, is today a center of multi-ethnic activity and social co-existence. It is situated between the famous Hamburg Fish Market and the legendary Reeperbahn, north of the harbor. The square is surrounded by numerous street cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as some of the city’s finest music clubs. This central square in Hamburg St.Pauli will be the exhibition site for videos and computer animated art, which will be projected onto the square through the windows of the studio within. The windows will be illuminated like a light box and will serve as a display screen.” (info from, 2002).


Specifikationer: Video installation. video på 6 minutter, loopet. Projection i vindue, uderum.

Hiv geography blev vist med Trust Your Local Artist i Artgenda 2002 Hamburg (TA Artgenda).

Hiv geography sætter fokus på HIV/Aids epidemien i det sydlige Afrika som rammer barn svært hardt både direkte i from af smitte og indirekte i form af forældreløshed. Videoen består av sanselige billeder af badende afrikanske barn i slowmotion samt fragmenter af en kvindes urovækkende historie om at være hiv positiv på lydsiden. Video projiceres gennem vinduet for enden af en container der står lidt afsides i forhold til de andre værker i TA Artgenda. Dette korresponderer med emnets utkant/’outskirt’ prioritet, når det gælder politisk handle-villighed, samt med de sorte townships tvangsmessige placering udenfor de hvide bykerner i Sydafrika. Containeren overgår i kvalitet mange township boliger.

Støttet af Bergen Kommune.

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