Kuratoren selv og hendes venner på udstillingen

Igår fik jeg et nyt “newsletter” fra Rhizome.org og der præsenterede Marisa Olson “New Girls Network” – et projekt som sætter fokus på kuratorer i kunstudstillingen og etik. Kuratorene i “New Girls Network”tar sig selv og deres venner ind på utstillingen, og det er jo uetisk ikke sandt og noe man bør undgå, men dette blir tydeligere for omverdenen når en gruppe med kvinnelige kuratorer gør siden det “træder mere ud” fra normen…på grund af køn….synd at det er muligt at bruge sådan et knep idag…for de gør det jo som et grep…men nok rigtigt at det desværre stadig er effektivt. Eller hvad?

Citat fra epost, Rhizome News, February 26, 2007:

“New Girls Network There are a few important codes of ethics in the contemporary art world. They tend to go unspoken, but everyone knows them. Among these are the edicts that you shouldn’t curate your own work, and you should be very careful about curating the work of close friends and partners, past or present. Shared Women, a major group exhibition opening this Wednesday at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), kicks those rules to the curb. There is certainly a tongue-in-cheek element to this organizing principle, as manifest in curators A.L. Steiner, Emily Roysdon, and Eve Fowler’s description of Shared Women as ‘an exhibition that is dependent on cronyism, feminism, and nepotism.’ While this type of insider trading has gone a long way in establishing the members of many an ‘old boys network,’ the practice’s recontextualization from a feminist perspective formulates what the organizers call a ‘dirty commerce’ which is truly predicated on collaboration, support, and the construc! tive critique necessary for growth in the art world. Needless to say, the esteemed curators included themselves in this show (…)” Marisa Olson, http://www.artleak.org/

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