Storytelling at museums and science centres

Installation at Experimentarium in København, 2004.
This blog is about many things, but first and foremost it is about storytelling at museums, science centres, zoos and the like. About the stories told in exhibitions in the physical museum-,  centre- og zoo-space (and the stories told online as well).
It is about exhition design with all that it encompasses: Navigating the body through the architecture of the exhibition space, the placement of its physical installations, all the media in use – such as text and graphics, images by drawing, print or photography, moving images, lighting, digital interfaces, objects (from collections and other). An analysis of the exhibtion space includes considerations of scale and placement of media and tangible objects. Temperature and other sensory experiences are part of it as well.
This blog is about my experiences with the exhibition media. I focus on topic driven exhibitions, not art exhibitions. This can be science communication as found in science centres, in museums of cultural and natural history or other museums.
I will also look into university research on museums and exhibition design – museum studies or museology as it is also labelled. I have an interest in, and will comment on, learning experiences and play, documentary and archive-problematics as well.

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